Entrepreneur Summit will start in Pauri on December 5-6, these points of self-employment will be discussed

The Dhami government of the state is continuously emphasizing on self-employment. The intention behind this is to prevent migration from villages and also to ensure the return of migrants to their homes and connect them with self-employment based on their experiences. Many schemes are being implemented in this regard, but the expected results are awaited. In view of this, initiatives are also being taken to relax or change the standards of self-employment schemes.

Summit will be held in Pauri on 5th and 6th December
In this series, the Migration Prevention Commission is now going to start a series of conferences with the aim of knowing the experiences and suggestions of successful entrepreneurs in the state. It will start with a conference of entrepreneurs from three districts in Pauri on 5th and 6th December.
The government is seriously thinking about why self-employment schemes are not taking off. Recently it had come to light that problems were being faced due to the schemes not being of standard as per the conditions of the state or due to complexities. There are preparations to relax the standards in this regard. In this regard, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami had instructed the Migration Prevention Commission to contact successful entrepreneurs of the state and seek suggestions.

There will be discussions with entrepreneurs
According to Dr. SS Negi, Vice Chairman of Migration Prevention Commission, we will get an opportunity to know from successful entrepreneurs what difficulties they had to face in setting up their enterprises. Relaxing which parameters of self-employment schemes will increase the pace of self-employment. On the basis of suggestions coming in discussions with entrepreneurs, suggestions will be given to the government regarding relaxation in the standards of self-employment schemes.
He said that for this, the outline of conferences of successful entrepreneurs has been decided. The first conference will be held in Pauri on December 5 and 6, in which about 50 entrepreneurs from Pauri, Rudraprayag and Chamoli districts have been invited. Some of these are also migrants who have returned home and established enterprises here.