The thrill of the final match between India and Australia will be double, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also be present in the stadium.

It is almost certain that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will come to watch the match played between India and Australia on November 19 at the largest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad. Narendra Modi’s probable program has been decided. Preparations have been started by the state government for the arrival of PM Modi. To ensure that there is no lapse in security, the police department is also busy in preparations and is also reviewing the preparations. According to the probable schedule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, PM Modi will come to Ahmedabad on 19th and watch the final match of the World Cup between India and Australia at Narendra Modi Stadium. During this time many industrialists, celebs and VVIP guests will also be present. After the match is over, the PM will go to Raj Bhavan for night rest. After night rest at Raj Bhavan, the PM will leave for Rajasthan on November 20, where he will campaign in the assembly elections.

Full attention to security arrangements
Till now there was a possibility that the Prime Minister would come but now his probable program has come. As soon as the presence of PM was confirmed during the match, the police department has started preparations for tight security arrangements. Top police officials are reviewing the security arrangements in various areas and the route through which the PM has to pass. Since many celebs, industrialists and VVIPs including PM Modi will be present in Ahmedabad, additional police deployment has also been demanded to ensure that there is no lapse in security arrangements. The Police Department has made preparations to allot additional police staff as per requirement in Ahmedabad city. Top police officials have also reviewed the security arrangements for the spectators for the final match of the World Cup.
A review has also been done regarding the arrangements at places like Narendra Modi Stadium, Metro stations where there will be a large number of citizens and whether more police personnel are required or not.