Mahendra Singh Dhoni celebrated wife Sakshi’s birthday in Nainital, these days he is enjoying the valleys in the city of lakes.

Former Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has come with his family for the first time to enjoy the natural beauty of Nainital, the city of lakes. After two decades, after moving from Lwali of his native village Almora to Natadol Paharpani, Mahi is staying in the cottage of Prasada Bhawan in Nainital.
Dhoni’s wife Sakshi’s birthday is on Sunday and the historic final match between India and Australia in the World Cup is being played at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. It is clear that Dhoni will enjoy the World Cup final in Nainital along with celebrating his wife’s birthday. Dhoni’s wife Sakshi had a lot of fun in the hotel lawn before her birthday, whose photo is trending in the internet media.
Picture of Sakshi having fun with daughter Ziva
Before her birthday, Sakshi uploaded a photo of herself having fun with her daughter Jeeva in the lawn outside Prasada Bhawan on her internet media account. Within a few minutes, more than one lakh users liked it and more than six hundred people commented. Also requested to upload the photo of Dhoni imprisoned in the hotel due to fans and media. Cricketer Dhoni’s wife Sakshi is very active in internet media. Sakshi’s Instagram account has five and a half million followers. Sakshi has described herself as Dehradun Girl Forever. When Sakshi uploaded a photo with Dhoni on the threshold of her in-laws’ ancestral house in Almora, Lwali, till now about 18 lakh people have liked the photo while more than three thousand users have commented.
When Sakshi posted a video of sailing with daughter Jeeva in Naini Lake, within a few minutes more than one lakh people liked it and more than four hundred comments have come, this trend is increasing. When Sakshi included the panoramic view of the Himalayas from Natadol in the story, it was also liked by millions of users.