Not 40, 41 workers are trapped in the tunnel, rescue efforts continue even on the seventh day; Panic created by the sound of the mountain cracking

The number of workers trapped in Silkyara Tunnel of Uttarkashi is 41. Efforts are continuing for the seventh consecutive day to bring all of them out safely. This rescue operation is becoming difficult every day. Sometimes the mountain is cracking, and sometimes the machine is breaking down. The ongoing rescue operation to rescue the workers is continuously posing challenges. On Friday, while laying pipes to build an evacuation tunnel, suddenly a loud sound of the mountain cracking was heard inside the tunnel. This created panic among the rescue team members and other people. After which the movement in the tunnel was stopped immediately with the rescue operation.

Sound of mountain cracking inside the tunnel
Late night District Magistrate Uttarkashi Abhishek Ruhela confirmed this. District Magistrate Abhishek Ruhela said while talking to Dainik Jagran that NHIDCL officials have reported hearing the sound of a mountain cracking inside the tunnel. It was told that the security personnel, police personnel and the team engaged in the rescue operation present there had informed about this after hearing the sound.

There may be a big crack in the tunnel
A meeting of experts is going on to decide how the rescue operation should be conducted after this incident. At the same time, the project director of NHIDCL said that cracks occur in such incidents. Such a situation has already arisen during tunnel construction. According to past incidents and experts’ opinion, this could cause major damage to the tunnel. At present, the pipe laying activity in the tunnel has been stopped. An emergency meeting of top officials and experts has been called to deal with the situation.
officials kept hiding the incident
It is being told that NHIDCL had issued a press note in this regard at 8 pm, but the district administration officials did not broadcast the press note in the media. On receiving information about this from sources late in the night, the District Magistrate was contacted.

Hume pipes laid late at night
According to sources, after this incident, the work of laying hume pipes was started in the rescue area inside the tunnel. For this, a large number of hume pipes were transported inside the tunnel in vehicles. Hume pipe is made of cement and concrete. Which is laid for the flow of big drains. Its diameter is more than 1800 mm.

Hope rising with progress of evacuation tunnel
As pipes are being laid to rescue the workers trapped in the Silkyara tunnel, the morale of the workers and their relatives is also increasing. Another 125 mm diameter pipe is being inserted in the tunnel, so that food items can be supplied properly to the workers. At present, food items, oxygen and other essential items are being provided to the workers through 80 mm diameter drainage pipes already laid in the tunnel.
workers are safe
Uttarkashi District Magistrate Abhishek Ruhela said that all the workers trapped in the tunnel are currently safe. They have water available in sufficient quantity. Electricity supply is also smooth. Food items and oxygen are also being sent regularly.