Fake Aadhaar card center busted, resident of Uttarakhand was being built in Rishikesh for just 10 thousand

The Special Task Force of Uttarakhand Police has exposed a common service center in Rishikesh where fake Aadhaar cards, PAN cards and other documents of Nepali and foreign nationals were being made by taking huge amount.
Three accused have been arrested by STF. Apart from this, information is being collected as to how many persons they have made fake Aadhaar cards.
SSP Ayush Aggarwal said that the STF had received information that on the basis of fake documents, residents of other countries and states were getting fake Aadhaar cards, fake voter ID cards and others by showing them as residents of Uttarakhand on the basis of fake documents from a public service organization based in Rishikesh. Important documents are being prepared, which can be used by any person for anti-national activities, for buying mobile sims or for other criminal activities.

Fake Aadhaar and Voter ID cards were being made for Rs 10,000:
Started confidential investigation, it was found that fake Aadhaar and other IEDs are made by Laxman Saini along with his accomplices, who runs CSC center in his shop. Under this, a few days ago a Nepali citizen Dil Bahadur was sent to CSC Appetide Center AIIMS Road Rishikesh to prepare the documents.

Laxman Kumar Saini, the owner of CSC center agreed to make fake Aadhaar card and fake voter ID card of Dil Bahadur Nepalese citizen for Rs.10,000. On December 26, the accused got Dil Bahadur’s voter card made for a village in Pauri and the form for Aadhaar card was filled.
STF raided from Aadhaar Center to Laxman Singh Saini resident Miranagar Marg street no. 11 arrested Rishikesh along with two other persons. 68 Aadhaar cards, 28 voter ID cards (of which 03 Nepali citizens have Indian voter ID cards) and 17 PAN cards and Ayushman cards were recovered from the centre.

Laxman Singh Saini, resident of Mira Nagar Marg, Street No. 11 Rishikesh, Virbhadra, Dehradun
Babu Saini, resident of Miranagar Road, Street No. 11 Rishikesh, Virbhadra, Dehradun
Bharat Singh alias Bharde Damai resident Gehtma district Rukum Dabish Auchal Rafal, Nepal, Hall resident Dhari Devi Kaliyasaudh

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