With the Integrated Urban Infrastructure Development Project, better basic facilities will be available to the local citizens and tourists in Rishikesh city, which is known as Yoga City in the world – CM Pushkar Singh Dhami.

On the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Ministry of Finance, Government of India sent a proposal for the assistance of 160 million euros to the European financing organization KFW for the Integrated Infrastructure Development Project IUIDR of the city of Rishikesh with the aim of making Rishikesh a fully equipped city of Dharma and Yoga. has gone. The total cost of the project is about 200 million euros (approximately Rs 1600 crore). The financial ratio of the Government of India and the State Government is proposed to be 80:20 for the project.
Expressing gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that under the leadership of the Prime Minister, Uttarakhand is witnessing unprecedented development in infrastructure. With the Integrated Urban Infrastructure Development Project in Rishikesh, better basic facilities will be available to the local citizens and tourists in Rishikesh city, which is known as the city of Yoga in the world.
Under the project, 24X7 drinking water supply system, drinking water meter, rainwater management and post-security, public sanitation facilities, smart urban spaces, clothing and clothing rooms. Development of Waiting Room, Wharf and Vending Zone, Roads and Traffic Management Underground Utility Duct Developed Integrated Control and Command Center for Civil Defense and Amenities. Smart pole and installation of equipment for energy saving, transportation center, bus terminal and parking etc. will be done.
Every year lakhs of tourists visit Rishikesh for religious and adventure tourism activities. In such a situation, development work needs to be done in view of developing additional facilities. Elevated paths will be constructed with the aim of reducing the problem caused by traffic jam.
On completion of the project, there will be an increase in the urban livability standard, the business and livelihood standard of the local people will improve, citizens and tourists will get better drinking water and sanitation facilities, livelihood activities will increase, traffic It will be simple and tourists will be able to get high level facilities.

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