Opposition weighing election strategies

BJP and Congress strategists in Uttarakhand are deeply analyzing the strategy adopted by the parties in the Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat Assembly and Delhi Municipal Corporation elections from the point of view of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.
Why the power slipped out of hands in the Delhi Municipal Corporation after 15 years, the BJP is also discussing here, because next year the civic elections are to be held in Uttarakhand as well. In the last two Lok Sabha elections, BJP’s performance in Uttarakhand has been 100% successful. The BJP defeated the Congress in all the five seats in the state.
Now the challenge before the party is to repeat the same performance in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, so that a hat-trick of victory can be achieved. Gujarat is the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, so he worked his magic on the voters. Gujarat Janmabhoomi, Uttarakhand has also been like the workplace of Prime Minister Modi.

Modi magic has been showing wonders in the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections:
Whether it is the role played by the organization in this region during undivided Uttar Pradesh before the year 2000 or the many gifts given to Uttarakhand as the Prime Minister after the year 2014, the fact is that even in Devbhoomi Modi magic Lok Sabha And has been showing its brilliance in the assembly elections.
Uttarakhand has received development projects worth more than one lakh crore rupees during this period including Char Dham All Weather Road and Rishikesh-Karnprayag Rail Project, which never happened before the year 2014.
As far as Himachal is concerned, Uttarakhand has many similarities with it. From political, social environment to culture, these two neighboring states are quite similar. In both the states, there has been a tradition of change of power in every assembly election. This myth got busted this time in Uttarakhand, but not in Himachal.
BJP leaders in Uttarakhand are saying about the defeat in Himachal that the party realized the situation well in time and succeeded in reducing the anti-incumbency by taking the step of change of leadership in the government, while in Himachal the result of turning a blind eye to the ground reality is defeat. appeared as

Success of Congress in Himachal:
BJP strategists believe that ignoring the geopolitical situation, not treating the internal discontent of the party on time and being able to control the rebellious attitude to some extent, were the main reasons for the BJP’s defeat, from which lessons should be taken in Uttarakhand as well. needed.
If we look at the success of Congress in Himachal Pradesh, the party leaders are citing employee dissatisfaction as the main reason for this apart from anti-incumbency against the BJP government. In Uttarakhand too, the Congress is focusing on adopting a strategy in 2024 accordingly.
The party wants the issue of Old Pension Scheme to reach its peak in Uttarakhand by the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The party is confident that the anti-incumbency of the central and state government will benefit it in this election. As soon as the results of Himachal came, the Congress also started mobilizing the employees in its favor in Uttarakhand to implement the old pension scheme.
Although it is true that in the last elections too, the Congress had tried its best to woo the employees on its own, but now the hopes of the Congress have started rising once again in Himachal Pradesh. It can be said that Uttarakhand Congress has started studying Himachal by considering it as a case study. By the way, Congress is also scared after seeing the crushing defeat in Gujarat.

When in spite of 27 years of incumbency in Gujarat and eight years of central incumbency, the Congress could not overcome the BJP there, then how to counter the anti-incumbency of seven years in Uttarakhand and 10 years of the center in 2024, this question to the party leaders Is churning Now the Delhi Municipal Corporation election results should be analyzed from the point of view of Uttarakhand, it will not be surprising if the BJP unites day and night to find a solution to the reasons for the defeat.
What were the reasons, due to whose presence the party had to lose power in the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections after 15 years, the BJP is specially engaged in brainstorming, so that it does not repeat in Uttarakhand in the municipal elections. It is a matter of relief for the BJP that the Aam Aadmi Party is almost non-existent here, while the Congress does not look very strong in the bodies like the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections.

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