Things you should do after eating oily food!

Are you foodie? There is no one in this world who is not a foodie. No matter how people are conscious about their health when it comes to eat momos, pizza, burger, noodles and other oily foods, they do not say no to oily foods.

Good food is equal to good life but, the problem begins when you eat oily food and after eating oily food you do some silly things that you should not do. Here are the lists of things that you should not do after eating oily food. Normal symptoms that are found after having oily food are bloating, gas and indigestion.

Drink warm water:

Drinking warm water immediately after eating oily food is much better then drinking cold water.  Hot water enhance metabolism. Warm water eliminates unnecessary body fat. To activate your digestive system you should drink warm water. Your stomach will be unhappy if you will not drink warm water after having oily-food. Drinking warm-water after eating oily-food is good option want to know why? Then take a container that contains oil and then wash it with cold-water it will not clean properly similarly, if you will use warm water to wash the oily container then, it will be washed properly and will eliminates oil from the container, same thing goes with your stomach, the oily food will digest properly but, if you will drink-cold water after having oily-food then, it will hamper your digestion so, please drink warm water after having oily-food.

Detox drink:

Just like warm water, detox drink will also be a good choice to have after oily food as the detox-drinks flushes body toxins. You can drink green-tea that adds antioxidants; green tea will balance oxidative-load that happens on digestive system because of oily-food or milk after having oily food. You can also drink warm water along with lemon juice. Squeeze lemon juice in hot water and have it to eliminate body toxins or you can also drink hot water along with ajwain and black salt to flush out toxins.

Say no to cold food:

It is recommended not to take cold things after heavy oily food because oily food is very difficult to digest; eating anything-cold can make digestion very difficult that may cause bloating and other digestion problem so, please say no to anything-cold after consuming too much oily food.


Walking at least thirty to thirty five minutes after eating heavy and large meal helps to improve your digestion, promotes better digestion mobility and it will also make you feel comfortable and relax.

Do not go straight to your bed:

It is recommended/suggested to give a gap of two to three hour between your dinner and bed time. Going straight to bed also makes food very difficult to digest, enhance fat and bloating so, make sure not to crawl straight to your bed for healthy living.

Please follow the above mentioned guidelines for staying healthy even after having too much oily-food!

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