New service policy will be brought before the global conference in Uttarakhand; Focus will be on health, education and other areas

In view of the proposed Global Investors Summit in Uttarakhand, the Industry Department is going to bring a new service policy to promote the service and hospitality sector. In this policy, financial incentives have been proposed to attract investors including service sectors. The objective of the policy is to develop a simple, proactive and responsive mechanism for rapid growth in the service sector.

There is immense potential for development in the service sector in Uttarakhand.
The service sector in Uttarakhand is a sector which has immense potential for development. The contribution of the service sector to the domestic gross product (GDP) of Uttarakhand has been 41 percent. At present, tourism as a service sector has been kept at the center here. Rapid work is being done in the field of health, higher education, education, wellness, skill development, professional services and medicine in the state. In such a situation, there is a possibility of more investment in these service sectors. In view of this, a service policy is being formulated to promote the service sector in the state.

Industrial Development Department prepared the blueprint
Its blueprint has been prepared by the Industrial Development Department. Hospitality, health and medical services, education, professional services and skill development have been included in this policy. Financial incentives have been arranged in the policy for industries and laboratories to be established in the health sector. In the field of education, it has been proposed to reimburse the cost of land to the investor.

Two meetings of the Chief Secretary have been held for the policy
Financial incentives are also proposed for those investing in the information technology sector. Earlier tourism, information technology and sports were also included in this policy, but due to their becoming a separate policy, they have been left out of its scope. To finalize this policy, two meetings have been held under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Dr. SS Sandhu.

The policy will be presented before the cabinet
Departmental Secretary Vinay Shankar Pandey and Director General Industries Rohit Meena have also discussed this matter with the officials. Now financial approval is being taken on the subject of providing financial assistance. After this this policy will be presented before the cabinet.