Municipal President Semwal appealed to Cabinet Minister Agarwal

These days displeasure is being seen among the local people in the city regarding garbage, even the fast unto death is going on in Uttarkashi. At the same time, the Municipality President, who took the responsibility of litter, met Urban Development Minister Premchand Agrawal regarding the problem of litter and apprised him about the problem of litter going on in the city.
Giving information, the President of the Municipality, Ramesh Semwal said that he told the Cabinet Minister Premchand Agrawal that even before his election, the district administration had dumped the garbage in the Ramlila Maidan in the middle of the city. During the election, this garbage was kept at the mouth of the Tambkhani tunnel. The people of Ambedkar Basti, Joshiada, and Gyansu gas warehouse are the most affected by this garbage for the last 4 years. Due to this garbage, along with the spread of epidemic in the city, a state of chaos is being seen. Uttarkashi city is a very important place where devotees from all over the country and abroad come to Uttarkashi to have darshan of Maa Ganga for the purpose of making their journey successful. Seeing the same pile of garbage, a message of disorder among the people is being seen among the travelers and the local people. Timely disposal of this garbage is very important, about this meeting, the Urban Development Minister assured the chairman of the municipality that he will work in this direction very soon and will hold a meeting with the Chief Minister on this problem so that Uttarkashi can be relieved from the problem of garbage. Can you

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