Joshimath Sinking: Disaster Management Secretary Dr. Ranjit Kumar Sinha said- ‘Joshimath is not going anywhere, the government will do the treatment’

The problem of landslide in Joshimath is going on since 1976. Presently it has increased. Teams of scientists are busy studying to get to the bottom of the cause of the problem. Initially, the scientists have accepted that the landslide will be resolved and based on their report, effective steps will be taken for the treatment of Joshimath.
Disaster Management Secretary Dr. Ranjit Kumar Sinha said these things while referring to the media reports during the briefing of ongoing relief and investigation work in Joshimath. It was being said in the media that the cracks lying in the affected area of Joshimath are up to 50 meters deep, due to which the area may sink. Dr. Sinha said that Joshimath is not going anywhere, it will remain there. The government is committed to remedy this and no stone will be left unturned.
Citing talks with scientists involved in the study in Joshimath, Dr. Sinha said that initially it has come to the fore that the land above in the affected area is dry, while the moisture below is high. That is, the water is going straight down. Scientists say that remedial works will stop the landslide.

He said that the cracks in the affected area are more in the sloping area, while it is very less in the flat area. In this case, the sloping area will be treated first. He said that scientists of eight institutes are engaged in the investigation work. After getting their report, not only will the correct picture emerge, but the direction of remedial work will also be decided.
Avoid creating an atmosphere of fear:
The Disaster Management Secretary said that till now there is no such report from any scientific institute, so that it can be said that Joshimath will sink. He said that such reports without any scientific evidence create an atmosphere of fear. This needs to be avoided.

Relief package will be discussed on Monday:
In response to a question, Dr. Sinha said that the meeting of the high powered committee on Joshimath will be held on Monday. In this, the proposal for a relief package to be sent to the Central Government will be discussed including reconstruction of Joshimath, rehabilitation of the affected, remedial work in the affected area and other points. In this, discussions will also be held regarding giving maximum benefits to the disaster affected people.
Three days to make a model of a pre-fabricated house:
He informed that the organization concerned has been given three days to make models of pre-fabricated houses to be made for temporary rehabilitation of disaster affected people. Apart from this, the work of land leveling is going on in village Dhaka. Here also pre-fabricated houses will be made for the affected till permanent rehabilitation is done.

DPR prepared for sewerage and drains:
The Disaster Management Secretary said that the Irrigation Department has prepared the drainage plan for Joshimath. For this, DPRs of five major drains have been prepared in the first phase. Apart from this, the Drinking Water Corporation has prepared a DPR of Rs 200 crore for the sewerage system. He said that all other works including water, electricity, roads, drainage, sewerage would be part of the relief package.

Filling cracks to stop water:
When asked, Dr. Sinha said that the step of filling the cracks lying in Joshimath area and covering them with plastic was taken so that water does not fill in the cracks when it rains. The real steps to prevent landslides and cracks will be taken on the basis of their recommendations after receiving the report of the scientists.

Army did not make any demand:
When asked whether the Army has also sought to remove some of its structures from Joshimath, the Disaster Management Secretary said that no such demand has come. If it comes, it will be considered. On another question, he said that NTPC had agreed to the drinking water scheme in East Joshimath. He also gave funds for this, but the matter is stuck due to various reasons. This too will be resolved soon.

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