‘Chemistry’ was seen in PM and CM, Modi said that Dhami was engrossed in Mana

The image of Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami is that of a very serious, simple, easygoing and gentle leader. When they are with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the chemistry of both of them is made on sight. There is a relationship of affinity between the two leaders beyond the party relationship.
Caress and Blessings to Dhami:
Whenever Modi came to Uttarakhand, he gave tremendous affection and blessings to Dhami from a public platform. In his speech at the public meeting held in Mana, PM Modi stamped the statement of CM Dhami in which the marginal village was called the ‘first’ village instead of the ‘last’.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech is very measured and flowing. With the rhyming and harmony of words, he conveys his point directly to the mind of the public. This time, he gave a message by talking about ‘Rail, Road, Ropeway and Employment’ that the foundation of infrastructure development in Uttarakhand is being laid, creating employment here is at its core.
There are very few occasions when Modi imbibes the words of his earlier times. In Mana, Modi said that I agree with Pushkar Singh Dhami that the border village should not be called the last but the first village of the country.

Strongly praised Pushkar Singh Dhami:
In fact, whenever Modi came to Uttarakhand, in his address, he praised Pushkar Singh Dhami with words like youth, energetic, dedicated to development. This time Modi said that Dhami is such a young leader who always has sweetness on his face.
Here, Chief Minister Dhami also appeared in full swing during his speech today. With full confidence, he kept everything he said in front of Prime Minister Modi. Dhami told how his government is developing the state by taking every section of the society along.
What is the road map of his government ahead and what do they expect from the central government. Prime Minister Modi also gave concrete assurance of every possible contribution for the development of Uttarakhand to the people of Devbhoomi.

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