The winter session of the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly ended today.

The house lasted for nine hours in four days. The House was then adjourned sine die. Six bills including the supplementary budget were passed in the winter session. Assembly session proceedings started at around 11 am. There was a discussion on the incident of innocent child in Haridwar. The opposition took up the case under 310. Discussion started under 58.

At the same time, the opposition in the House tried to surround the government on the issue of inflation. Disgruntled by the government’s response to inflation, the opposition walked out. The opposition raised the issue of inflation in the House as part of the Stop Work proposal. Leader of Opposition Indira Hridayesh said that the government has proved to be a complete failure in curbing inflation. According to the Consumer Price Index, inflation in the state is at a peak. Potatoes, onions, tomatoes are out of the reach of common people.

At the same time, the price of gas cylinders was increased by 100 rupees. The livelihood of the people has been affected due to the Kovid epidemic. In such a situation, it is difficult to drive home due to inflation. The government did not make any arrangement to get rid of inflation. No wholesale rate stalls were set up anywhere in the state. MLA Pritam Singh has removed vegetables and pulses from the reach of poor man in the state. The government does not see inflation.
In response to questions from the opposition, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Madan Singh Kaushik said that several steps were taken by the government to control inflation in the state. Due to which inflation is under control. He compared prices of pulses, flour, rice, petrol, diesel in Uttarakhand to prices in other cities including Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Delhi, Raipur. Cheap ration is being provided to 23 lakh families by the government. Disgruntled by the government’s response in the House, the opposition walked out.

Pritam’s ring made headlines in the house:
Along with the issue of inflation, corruption, law and order, health in the House, the ring of Congress MLA Pritam Singh was also in the news. During the discussion on Rule 58 in the House on the fourth day of the session, the ruling party pinched the ring a lot.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Madan Kaushik quipped during the discussion that Pritam Singh has been a bit bitten since the ring went off. On this, the Speaker said that the story of the ring was not yet understood.

Kaushik said that Pritam Singh was given the ring by someone to fulfill his feelings of 2022, but Pritam’s well-wishers manipulated the ring. Pritam Singh replied that the ring was miraculous.

Due to which the MLAs of the ruling party are also attacking the government. Losing the ring speaks to the head of the government. Let me tell you that Pritam Singh’s ring was lost during the Congress’ assembly journey.

Action will be taken against ANM for leaving health center without informing:
Parliamentary Affairs Minister Madan Kaushik said that all the health centers of the state have facilities for screening, vaccination of pregnant women. It is the effort of the government that no one should die in the absence of health services. Action will be taken against the ANM for leaving the health center without notice. If the ANM stays on leave, the CMOs will make alternative arrangements instead.

On Thursday, MLA Pritam Singh Panwar raised the issue of death of two women in the House due to lack of health facilities in Mauri and Naogaon in Uttarkashi district. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Madan Kaushik said that for better health services in the state, the government has set up medical units as per the Indian Public Health Standards. The recruitment process of 763 doctors and 1238 nurses is underway. The maternal mortality rate in the state has come down from 285 to 99 per lakh. At the same time, infant mortality rate has come down from 38 to 31 per thousand.

Opposition changed its strategy overnight:
The Congress, which was preparing to raise the issue of inflation on the last day of the session, changed its strategy overnight. Former CM Harish Rawat’s tweet came in handy and the opposition was also successful in getting the government to announce the issue on the issue. Leader of Opposition Indira Hridayesh, along with other Congress MLAs, had decided to raise the issue of inflation on Thursday as part of the work-stop proposal.

Here, in Haridwar, former CM Harish Rawat met the people protesting against impunity with the innocent and said that the Congress would take up the matter in the House. According to sources, after this, the Congress changed its strategy and decided to raise the issue of law and order in the state under the Stop Work proposal. The issue of inflation was brought under Rule 58 from the Congress. This case of Haridwar was also from the constituency of Parliamentary Affairs Minister Madan Kaushik and Madan Kaushik himself was active in this matter. In such a situation, the government was able to take a quick decision in this matter.

Now try to keep pressure on the government:
State President Pritam Singh was very vocal about this issue on behalf of Congress in the House. Feedback from the party network also helped Pritam decide. After this, it was also confirmed by the announcement of the program of protest by the party.

Cases of increasing respect of public representatives are increasing:
On Thursday, the bench also expressed concern over the increasing cases of the honor of legislators in the state. Assembly Speaker Premchand Aggarwal said that cases of breach of privilege are increasing, they should be stopped from increasing. With this, the bench disposed of the case of Kumaon MLA Naveen Dumka.

This time during the session, the cases of breach of privilege kept the government upset. Assembly Deputy Speaker Raghunath Singh Chauhan himself appeared angry about the matter and sat down with the matter of breach of privilege. Earlier, BJP MLA Rajesh Shukla of Kumaon had also raised the issue of breach of privilege in the previous session.
The case of Kumaon BJP MLA Naveen Dumka also came to the House on Thursday. Naveen Dumka was not invited to an event. An apology was made by the concerned party in this case of 2018 and due to this the bench disposed of the matter.

Despite this, the speaker Premchand Aggarwal was reminded of this and other matters. The speaker directed that such cases should not be recast and such cases should be prevented from escalating.

Surendra Jina remembered for another reason:
In the House today, the late BJP MLA Surendra Singh Jeena remembered again. As part of the effective work, two resolutions came to the house. In a resolution, Jina had urged the government to formulate a policy of cultivating flowers and aromatic plants in barren fields in the mountains. In the second resolution, it was said on their behalf that the government should try to stop the migration by developing local resources. Both these resolutions were deleted.

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