What is Angiography? Test Process of Angiography!

Know this before undergoing Angiography test:

Through the words angioplasty you want to know:

  • What is an angiography test
  • Why this test is done
  • How is this test
  • What are the things to be kept in mind before conducting this test
  • Where does this test take and how much does it cost

You will get answers to all these questions in this article, along with this you will be told the difference between angiography and angioplasty! Please read the article till the end!

What is angiography test:

Angiography meaning in hindi- Angiography in Hindi is called vasectography or vasculature blood vessel!

This test is similar to X-ray in which the blood circulation in the artery and vein is shown in the X-ray film! Due to blood clotting or other reasons, the cause of blockage in blood flow is easily known.

Who invented angiography? Angiography was first discovered in 1927 by Portuguese physician and neurologist Igas Moniz for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize!

Why angiography is done:

This test is done to get information about blockage and contraction in the arteries and veins of the heart. Apart from the heart, what is this test for brain and kidney too? Below are some of the symptoms based on which your doctor may recommend angiography!

  • Symptoms of coronary artery disease, such as chest pain (angina)
  • Pain in your chest, jaw, neck, arms and legs that could not be resolved by other tests
  • Congenital heart disease (congenital heart disease)
  • Negative results of noninvasive heart stress test
  • Other blood vessel problems or chest injury
  • Heart valve problem that requires surgery
  • Heart or other artery blockage and contraction

Types of Angiography:

There are many types of angiography such as femoral angiography (thigh), cerebral angiography (brain) and fluorescein angiography (retina) etc. Different types of angiography are different but some things are common, you know!

By local anesthesia, listening to the arm or thigh, a catheter or wire is inserted into it and the obstructions in her arteries are detected and her x-ray film is made!

Dye is used for better illustration on x-ray film! The duration of this entire test can be 6 to 12 hours!

It is necessary to keep these things in mind before conducting this test

To get angiography, patients are asked to eat on an empty stomach hospital! It is also advisable not to eat any medicine 7 to 8 hours before, but only after getting confirmed with your doctor!

What needs to be kept in mind after conducting this test

After this test, the patient may have to lie on his or her feet and hands for 6 to 12 hours without moving, but radial angiography may require less time to lie down. Light diet for at least six hours is called Lenny!

Where does this test take and how much does it cost

This test is done in big hospitals only, you can get this test done at the place mentioned by your cardiologist as well! The coronary angiography test fee of Delhi’s most famous cardiac hospital escort is around ₹ 16000!

Difference between Angiography and Angioplasty

Angiography is a type of test used to obtain information on the arteries and vein obstruction and contraction.

Angioplasty is performed during or after angiography in which narrowed or obstructed arteries or veins are also opened by inserting balloons, so angioplasty is called balloon angioplasty!

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