The weather changed in Uttarakhand in the early hours today.

Kedarnath and Badrinath received snowfall. About 06 inches of snow has accumulated in Badrinath and one foot in Hemkund Sahib. There is a continuous snowfall. In Tehri too, it started raining from four in the morning. This rain is said to be good for crops. Yamunotri Dham and surrounding areas have also been experiencing snowfall since Sunday night while Yamuna Valley is receiving rains.

Due to the sudden change in the weather, cold is felt. Bhabar and Pahar have been cloudy since Sunday morning. Due to drizzle in the evening, the cold increased. According to Meteorological Center Dehradun, there is a possibility of light rain or snow falling in places of three thousand meters or more in Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag, Bageshwar, Pithoragarh, Tehri, Dehradun and Almora on Monday.

In Haldwani, the temperature has dropped due to light cloudy day. On Sunday, the maximum temperature was one degree less at 28.5 degrees Celsius and the minimum was 9.2 degrees Celsius. In Mukteshwar too, the maximum temperature was reduced by one degree to 18.4. While the minimum temperature rose by three degrees to 9.2 degrees Celsius.

Pratap Singh Bisht, in charge of the meteorological center of the Government Inter College in Nainital, said that the maximum temperature was recorded at 19 and the minimum at 9 degrees Celsius on Sunday. Due to increasing cold in Bhimtal and surrounding areas, people were seen burning fire.

The first snowfall of the season occurred on the high peaks in Chakrata:
The first snowfall of the season occurred on the high peaks of Jaunsar amid the changing weather. High peaks paralyzed by snow are attracting tourists a lot. The faces of the tenants have also blossomed after seeing this snowfall in November.

Intermittent rains continue in the area since Sunday night. Due to rain in the area on Monday morning, the temperature on the high peaks went below zero. After which the snowfall started.

All the high peaks including Lokhandi, Moyla Top, Khandba, Budher, Kandidhar were covered with white sheets of snow. Flats and heaters burned in people’s homes in high altitude areas. Even in Chakrata market, people were seen heating bonfires and heaters to avoid cold.

In Vikasnagar and surrounding areas it rained all night on Sunday. Even on Monday, the sky remained cloudy throughout the day. Cold winds continued. Drizzle also occurred in many areas. Chakrata had a maximum temperature of 09 degrees and a minimum of 02 degrees. Vikasnagar had a maximum temperature of 20 degrees and a minimum of 12 degrees.

First snowfall of season in Auli, tourists visit:
Auli received its first snowfall of this season on Monday. Tourists who came to visit Auli woke up to see snowfall. The tourists enjoyed the snowfall fiercely.

Roopkund ~ snowfall in Vedani, cold increases

The rains on Monday morning caused snowfall in Roopkund, Baguwasa, Ali Bugyal. The area is in the grip of cold wave due to rain in the villages of Vana, Ghese, Lohajung, Kuling, Udaipur, Rampur Jhalia etc. from four in the morning. Heera Singh Pahari of Vana village said that the rains since Monday morning increased the cold in the village. Snowfall continues in high altitude areas.

Fog will come from November 19:

In Haridwar, the temperature has dropped due to 8.8 mm rain on Sunday night. The minimum mercury has reached 11 degrees and maximum 28 degrees Celsius. Due to this, the cold of morning and evening has started. Fog will come from November 19 and the cold will be more as the minimum temperature drops.

According to Narendra Rawat, Research Supervisor, Ritu Alokshala of Meteorological Department, the weather has changed suddenly. Govardhan Pooja recorded 8.8 mm of rain over the night. There was no rain in November last year. The temperature has dropped due to rain.

The minimum mercury was recorded at 11 degree Celsius and maximum 28 degree Celsius on Monday, while the minimum mercury was 10 degree Celsius and maximum 29 degree Celsius on this day last year.

According to Narendra Rawat, fog will come from the night of 19 November. By the end of November, the fog will be thick and the minimum temperature will also reach 09 degrees and maximum 25 degrees. This will cause a severe cold knock.

Two youths died due to lightning falling, one serious:
Three youths were severely scorched due to lightning in the Shankarpur Hukumatpur village under the Sahaspur police station area of ​​Dehradun, while a young man was severely scorched.

Two seriously scorched youths were taken to Lehman Hospital for treatment. Where doctors declared him dead. The third severely scorched youth is undergoing treatment at DMS Hospital in Shankarpur. He suffered severe injuries to his legs and hands.

According to the information, Sagar (27) son Rajpal Shankarpur Hukumatpur, his friend Anuj Chauhan (26) son Pawan Chauhan, Abhishek (28) son Rajendra Prasad and Hemant Sharma (28) son late. Sanjay Sharma was standing near the house and talking with all the resident Shankarpur Hukumatpur.

During this time, lightning started to blow with the changing winds. The lightning fell on a tree near his house. Due to which all the four youth were also electrified. While Sagar, Anuj and Hemant were severely scorched in the accident, Abhishek survived.

Sagar and Anuj were rushed to Lehman Hospital for treatment, where the doctors declared both dead. While Hemant is undergoing treatment at DMS Hospital in Shankarpur. In-charge SHO Narendra Gehlawat said that the dead body was kept in the morcha of the hospital for the time being. A post-mortem of both the bodies will be done on Monday.

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