There will be additional water supply for one hour.

In order to ensure that villagers do not face drinking water crisis on Deepawali Mahaparva, the concerned department has increased monitoring on the schemes. All employees are instructed to work seriously. The special thing is that the pumping time has been extended by one hour for adequate water supply to all the villages of Tadikhet and adjoining Dwarahat block. That is, there will be additional water supply for one hour.

Drinking water department has taken concrete steps in view of Deepawali. For this, people of the villages do not have to face drinking water crisis at the Mahaparva. For this, all villages in Tadikhet block have to go to Naini to supply drinking water, Sher Vidyapeeth, Billekh, Kalika, Baburkola, Urauli etc. One hour pumping has been extended so that the villagers can supply adequate drinking water. With the increase in pumping in the schemes, more than 50 thousand consumers will be benefited from all these schemes. According to departmental officials, along with increasing pumping, the employees working in the field have also been instructed to monitor the drinking water lines. Anywhere the line is damaged, it will be repaired immediately so that no one has to face a water crisis on the Mahaparva.

In all the schemes operated by the department, pumping has been increased by one hour so that the villagers can get adequate water. Serious work instructions have also been given to all employees.
– Manoj Pandey, Under Engineer, Institute of Water ‘

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