Four major water sources of the state will get new life soon.

Four major water sources of the state will get new life soon. These four major water sources are being studied by the National Himalayan Study Mission. These sources have been studied by a team of 50 scientists from Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan, Terry School of Advanced Sciences, Terry Institute and DAV PG College.

The Chief Investigator of the project, Dr. Prashant Singh said that 1150 dry water sources are being revived in Uttarakhand. In this episode, firstly the water sources of Karnaprayag along with Selukhet of Mussoorie, Pratapnagar and Chamba of Tehri have been studied. He informed that the Jal Sansthan supplies water from all these sources.

Due to falling water level, supply is getting badly affected. Their survey, Geophysical Investigation, has been soil tested. Water quality has also been investigated. Along with this, the complete analysis has been done with the help of GIS remote sensing. Now scientists are trying to figure out how to increase the availability of water in them. A lot of success has been achieved in this direction too.

Water sources of the state are getting badly affected:
So far the study has also revealed that 14 water sources have completely dried up in the state. The water level of 77 sources has dried more than 75 percent. There has been a 50 percent decrease in the secretion of 330 sources of the state. Environmental and other factors are impacting the water level of a total of 1229 spring sources. After large water sources, scientists have also started investigating small sources.

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