Licenses will be valid only for the sale of green firecrackers.

When the traders themselves were taking steps to license the firecracker shop, the administration gave the option to submit the application even after the deadline passed. The result was that 700 licenses were issued across the city. Taking the license, the traders filled the goods in the shop that the administration increased their difficulty by issuing an order. According to the order, the licenses will be valid only for the sale of green firecrackers.

The November 9 order of the NGT has allowed burning of firecrackers for two hours with the condition of burning green firecrackers in cities with moderate air pollution. In order of this order, on Wednesday, Chief Secretary Om Prakash has also issued an order to sell only green firecrackers. The administration also issued a decree of green firecrackers following the order. However, what are green crackers, neither the traders nor the buyers are aware of it. On the other hand, when the firecrackers have been purchased and the goods have arrived in the shops. In such a situation, no one has any official information about the availability and sale of green firecrackers.

Last time only 450 licenses were issued:
On the last Diwali, the administration had issued 450 licenses for the sale of firecrackers. This time, the last date for the license was first set to be November 5. By the last date, only 200 applications were received. With regard to safe Diwali, the interest of the traders who had fallen for firecrackers was arousing hope. However, the administration then made arrangements that applications could be made until the license was issued on 11 November. This is the reason that the number of licenses reached 700.

The Pollution Control Board does not even know what green crackers are:
The pollution control board itself is not aware of the green firecrackers mentioned in the order of the government and administration. The nodal officer of the board, Ankur Kansal, says that due to the nature of green firecrackers not being clear, he will only work on measuring pollution on Diwali. 30 percent less pollution causes green firecrackers Green firecrackers are far away from Doon market.

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