On opening of many vacant posts of gurus.

After the pace of the corona transition slows down, new education in secondary schools 2020-21 has started on Monday amid shortage of teachers. At present, 756 posts of teachers in many important subjects, including Mathematics, English, Physical, Chemistry and Biology are lying vacant in the high school and inter cadre of government and non-government schools of the district. In such a situation, the education of students is being affected.

It may be known that in the ancient district of Kumaon, at present 296 high schools and inter colleges are in operation, including 263 state and 33 non-government. The posts of about 756 teachers of important subjects in these schools have been lying vacant for a long time. In these too, the condition of schools in rural areas is worse. At the same time, due to lack of science labs in about 15 schools, students have to go to the nearby schools for experimental work. In this, they have to face a lot of misdeeds. Parents Hansa Dutt, Shashthi Dutt, Chandan Rawat and Rajan Chandra say that the government should make schools resourceful. Necessary equipment should be arranged in laboratories along with appointment of teachers. So that students can get full benefit of education.

Governance and department are constantly working for the better interests of the students. Several welfare schemes are being operated in his interest. Counseling is to be held soon for appointment of guest teachers on November 5 and 6. After this, the students will get the benefit.
HB Chand, Chief Education Officer, Almora

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