Uttarakhandi filmmakers will not have to face losses, plan has been made

Uttarakhand is the first choice of film makers. Films and web series are often shot here. The scenes shot in the beautiful valleys of Devbhoomi are beautiful. There are many films which show the beauty of Uttarakhand as well as its culture on screen. Producers making films in the dialect of Uttarakhand will not have to face losses after the production of the film. Shakuntalam Film and Television Institute and Implex Digital Theatrical Distribution will showcase these producers’ films on small and big screens.

Uttarakhand’s films will be protected
During a press conference at the Press Club on Friday, Institute Chairman Shiv Narayan Singh Rawat said that work will be done on a large scale to preserve the films of Uttarakhand. Now work will be done here to remove language and other problems.

films will be kept safe
Till now, film producers have to suffer losses due to lack of proper promotion, but now if a film producer makes a film worth Rs 10 lakh and gives it to the company, he gets a refund of Rs 2 lakh along with the money spent on the film within three months. Profit will be given. Along with this, films made on the civilizations of Uttarakhand will also be kept safe.