Uttarakhand Vis Monsoon 2020 Session: 1053 questions remain silent because of Covid’s pandemic….

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic in Uttarakhand, 1053 questions asked during the assembly session will remain unfilled. In the meeting of the Business Advisory Committee held on Sunday, it was decided that the Question Hour will not be held in a single day session. Due to Kovid, there is also a disruption in the preparation of information and answers to questions at the governance level.

The government was also not ready for the Question Hour. In such a situation, he has also breathed a sigh of relief. This time the Assembly got 1053 questions in the session after a long gap. As always, most questions are from the ruling MLA Deshraj Karnwal.

Sources say that more questions have been asked by opposition MLAs. Through questions related to roads, water, electricity, health, law and order, migration, education, corona, this time the MLAs of the ruling party were ready to seek answers from their government.

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