The High Court has directed the government to file an answer.

The recently released Police Service Regulations-2018 (Revised Service Rules 2019) by the Uttarakhand Police Department has been challenged by the police personnel in the High Court. After hearing the petition, the High Court has directed the government to file a reply.

The case was heard before the bench of Chief Justice Ravi Kumar Malimath and Justice Ravindra Maithani. According to the case, Satyendra Kumar and others have filed a petition in the High Court stating that as per this service rules, the Police Constable Armed Forces have been given more opportunities for promotion, while in civil and intelligence they have to go through several stages for promotion.
The petitioning policemen say that promotion of officers from sub-inspector to inspector and other higher posts is done only on the basis of seniority / seniority from DPC at certain time. The petition said that the police officers, who are called the backbone of the police department, have to go through different procedures, not taking the above criteria for promotion, departmental examination.
One has to run 5 km after passing. After passing these procedures, promotion is done after testing the service records of the personnel, thus the double standard is adopted by the higher officers with the lower level employees, due to which the servicemen of the soldiers even after 25 to 30 years of satisfactory service Promotion does not happen.

Most of the policemen are recruited to the rank of constable and retire from the post of constable, as no fixed time period has been fixed for promotion of lower level employees nor have high officials ever noticed it. The equality opportunity has also been violated in the manual. After hearing the sides, the High Court bench has directed the government to file an answer.

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