Uttarakhand Panchayat Election: BJP’s Dominance in Panchayats Election 2019

With the release of the results of the Kshetra Panchayats in Uttarakhand, it became clear that the BJP was ahead of its competitor Congress, but in many places it also suffered a setback. Out of the total 89 posts, 45 block heads came to the BJP’s account, including the candidates elected unopposed. The Congress released a list of 26 winning candidates at the last minute. While 18 posts were occupied by independents.

Out of 89 posts of block chiefs, 27 block chiefs were already elected unopposed. The BJP fielded 76 candidates in total. Of these, the BJP captured the post of chief in 45 Kshetra Panchayats, including the candidates who won unopposed. Of the eight development blocks in Pithoragarh district, BJP got four seats. Here three seats went to the Congress account. One seat went to the account of independents.

The bypolls are also being held on the seat vacated after the death of former minister Prakash Pant here and the ruling party has got a challenge from the Congress here. The BJP made a clean sweep in Bageshwar and all three seats went to its account here. Almora was the seat most favorable to the Congress. Here Congress captured seven out of 10 seats.

BJP got only one seat in its account. There is a close fight between the two parties in Pauri. Out of the total 15 seats, seven BJP went to Congress account for six seats. Two independents were victorious here.
The Congress had announced support for 30 candidates. Of these, Congress released the list of 26 winners till late evening. In all, 18 blocks are leading independents and now there will be pressure between the two parties to put independents in their court.

The Congress has performed better in the area panchayats. The Congress performed well in many blocks. This is when the BJP arbitrary in the entire process of elections including reservation.
– Pritam Singh, State President, Congress

70 percent of the party’s candidates have emerged victorious. Most of the independents are also supported by the BJP. It is clear that the people have completely rejected the Congress.
Ajay Bhatt, State President BJP

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