Uttarakhand High Court Verdict: Now Even More than 2 Children can Contest Elections

The High Court has ruled in the case of people with more than two children contesting the three-tier panchayat elections. The High Court has said that those having more than two children will be able to contest elections and this decision will be applicable from 25 July 2019. In this case, the bench of Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and Justice Alok Kumar Verma had earlier reserved the decision on September 3 after hearing the case.

According to the case, many other people, including Manohar Lal Arya, Jot Singh Bisht, Ghosia Rehman, resident of the new village Kaladhungi, had filed a separate petition saying that the Panchayati Raj Act was amended in 2019 by the state government candidates with more than two children. Is being prevented from contesting elections which is wrong. The petition said that this amendment is being implemented by the government from the previous date after the change, it is against the rule.

The challenge of passing high school is also challenged:

The petitioners also said that if an act is amended, then a grace period of 300 days is given before it is implemented, but this grace period was not given by the state government. The petitioners had said that it would be difficult to find a candidate for the pradhan in the hilly areas after the change of election for a person with more than two children in the government.

In the petition, the obligation to pass high school has also been challenged. The amendment of the act also states that members of the co-operative society also cannot contest elections due to having more than two children, but each member in the villages is a member of some co-operative society. In this way, being a hill state, it will be difficult to choose or meet a member of the village head in the mountain.

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