Uttarakhand government issued orders for reforms related to golden card, state workers welcomed, reiterated other demands.

Under the State Government Health Scheme (SGHS) for state employees and pensioners in Uttarakhand, the government has issued orders for reforms related to Golden Card to make medical treatment of all kinds of diseases effective. In relation to the separation of Ayushman Bharat / Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Yojna from the umbrella scheme, orders have been issued by Amit Singh Negi, Secretary, Government of Uttarakhand. On this, the Uttarakhand Officer Employees, Teachers Coordination Committee, who are struggling for the 18-point demands, welcomed the state government’s fulfillment of the demand of the state employees to issue the mandate of reforms related to the Golden Card. Along with this, the demand for early disposal of other demands was reiterated in the meeting of the committee.
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State employees welcomed
Spokesperson of the convening board of the committee, Arun Pandey said that in today’s meeting, the scheme of golden card issued by the state government to provide cashless medical facilities to the state employees is separated from the Ayushman scheme and the treatment of patients admitted like OPD is also CGHS. A revised mandate has been issued to be done at the rates of Rs. With this, an assurance given to the coordination committee by the Chief Secretary, Uttarakhand Government and the Chief Minister was fulfilled. It is noteworthy that earlier, the medical treatment provided to the state employees in OPD was being paid at CGHS rates, whereas the patients admitted were being paid at AIIMS rates. Due to this, most of the private hospitals were reluctant to treat the patients of golden card under this scheme, but after this mandate, now the state employees will definitely get the benefit of cashlash treatment in various private hospitals.
Similarly, earlier only one or two medical facilities of the hospitals were registered under the scheme, while the demand was being made by the coordination committee to give cashless benefits to the employees of the entire medical system, which was included in the mandate. With this, employees will be able to get the benefit of different types of therapy in the same hospital. It has also been mentioned in the mandate that the Chief Minister has been authorized to make changes in future if any change is required.
In the meeting of the Coordination Committee, it has been demanded that for the smooth operation of the scheme, it is necessary to set up a Grievance and Monitoring Cell in the State Health Authority. On this, arrangements should be made to contact through WhatsApp, telephone, and e-mail etc. to solve the complaint and problem, so that in case of any kind of problem, it can be resolved immediately. After a detailed study of the mandate and practical compliance of its provisions by the Coordination Committee, efforts will be made to make necessary improvements in this regard.
In the meeting, on the other demands presented by the coordination committee, as per the assurance given by the Chief Secretary, Uttarakhand Government and the Chief Minister, a demand was also made to resolve the demands by taking action at the earliest. Pratap Panwar, Thakur Prahlad Singh, Arun Pandey, Sunil Kothari, Shakti Prasad Bhatt, Poornanand Nautiyal, HC Nautiyal, Pancham Bisht, BS Rawat, Vikram Singh Negi, Dinesh Gusain, Sandeep Maurya, Ankush Sirohi, Nazim Siddiqui, in the meeting of the coordination committee today. And thanks to the government and government were expressed by the staff leaders like Chaudhary Ombir Singh etc.

Running Movement:

It is worth noting that the employees, teachers and officials of Uttarakhand have formed a common platform for the 18-point demands. A series of agitations are being conducted under the banner of Uttarakhand Officer Staff Teacher Coordination Committee. Gate meeting, district level dharna, district level rally have been organized so far under the movement. In the fourth phase of the movement, a state-level Hunkar rally was taken out in Dehradun on October 6.
Spokesperson of the convening board of the committee, Arun Pandey said that the meeting of the wage discrepancy committee of the government was held on September 29 with the committee. In this, the delegation of the committee put various problems point-wise in front of the chairman of the salary anomaly committee, Shatrughan Singh. In the meeting, an assurance of fruitful efforts was given by the chairman. After this, on October 1, the delegation of the Coordination Committee held detailed talks with Additional Chief Secretary Radha Raturi on the demand letter in the Secretariat. During this, the Additional Chief Secretary gave necessary instructions to the Personnel Department during the point-wise discussion. During this, the Additional Secretary had requested to postpone the movement, but the coordination committee organized a meeting under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister and demanded to take concrete decisions on all the matters. The meeting was not fixed and on October 5, a Hunkar rally was taken out. The workers had decided that there would be an indefinite strike from October 26. Then the strike was postponed after talks with the CM. Now it was decided to go on strike from 22nd November. The decision was postponed after a meeting with the CM on November 21.

letter of demand:
1- All the state employees / teachers / corporation / body / police personnel of the state should be allowed promotion pay scale in case of non-promotion on 10, 16, and 26 years of service as before.
Resolving the discrepancies of the Golden Card prescribed for the state employees, the arrangement of CGHS like that of the central employees.

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