Despite the announcement of zero transfer session, the transfer of more than one and a half thousand secondary teachers is ready in the Uttarakhand Education Department.

Its proposal has been sent to the government for transfer under Section 27 from the Directorate of Education.

Due to Covid-19 in the state, even though the session 2020-21 has been declared as zero transfer session by the personnel department, the transfer of education department has not stopped.
Recently, after the approval of the government for the transfer of six departments Higher Education Department, Revenue Department, Agriculture Department, Finance Department, Animal Husbandry and Basic Education Department employees, officers under Section 27, now for the transfer of large number of secondary teachers A proposal has been sent to the government. In the teachers whose proposal has been sent, health, marriage policy and other reasons have been mentioned for the transfer of teachers.

Recommendation of MLA and Ministers:
Teachers whose proposals for transfers have been sent by the Directorate of Education. Several teachers’ proposals have been sent on the recommendation of legislators and ministers.

This is the arrangement under Section 27 in the Transfer Act:
If any change is to be made in any provision of the Transfer Act due to specific circumstances on behalf of any department, any deviation is to be made or any exemption is to be made, the proposal of such change, deviation and exemption should be made to the concerned department including the cause of the Chief Secretary. The committee constituted under the chairmanship has to be submitted. The recommendation of this committee will be relaxed after approval of the Chief Minister.

Under Section 27, some proposals for transfer of secondary teachers have been sent to the government. Teachers will be transferred on getting approval from the government for this.
– RK Kunwar, Director of Education


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