Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department released water from Gangahar from Bhimgoda Barrage at twelve o’clock on the night of Deepawali (14 November).

The arrival of adequate water at his padi increased the beauty of the ghats. Earlier, the cleaning work of the Ghats has been completed during the Ganga Bandh.

Every year a stream of water is released into the Ganges at midnight of Deepawali. This stream quenches the thirst of people of many cities of Uttar Pradesh. The fields are irrigated. During the Ganga bandh, Ganga cleanliness campaign was carried out by saint society, social and religious organizations.

Fair officer had issued instructions to clean Ganga by 13 November
The fair administration along with the Sant Samaj also inspected more than 50 ghats on 11 November. Fair Officer Deepak Rawat issued instructions to clean the Ganga by 13 November. For this, the officers were entrusted with the responsibility of the Ghats.

After two days of continuous campaign, plastics, old clothes, immersed materials and garbage were collected from the Ganges.

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