Used to make fake medicine in the name of Jagsanpal Pharmaceutical in Haridwar, two arrested, more than 29 lakh capsules, equipment and raw material recovered.

Doon Police has caught a factory manufacturing fake medicines in the name of Gurugram’s famous pharmaceutical company Jagsanpal Pharmaceutical in Haridwar, which was being run by two friends. Both have been arrested. This action was taken on the complaint of the pharmaceutical company. The accused used to supply fake medicines in Uttarakhand as well as Delhi, Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. This work was done from a medical shop located in Raipur, Dehradun, which is owned by one of the accused. More than 29 lakh capsules of fake medicines, medicine manufacturing equipment, raw materials and other materials have been recovered from their premises. A box of medicines of Walter Bushnell Company was also found from the factory.
Police have also discovered 23 bank accounts of the accused. Two of these accounts have been frozen, in which Rs 65 lakh are deposited. According to the police, the accused have earned property worth crores in the last 10 months from the black drug trade. While talking to journalists in his office on Sunday, SSP Ajay Singh said that recently, Vikram Singh Rawat, legal advisor of Jagsanpal Pharmaceutical Limited, resident of Apex Tower Ashok Vihar Gurugram (Haryana) had sent a letter complaining about it.
In which it was told that Sachin Sharma, owner of the medical shop SS Medicos located in Aman Vihar in Dehradun, along with some persons, is preparing and selling fake medicines in the name of his company. On this, on Saturday night, the police arrested Sachin Sharma, native of Ashokapuram, Delhi Road, Mangalore Roorkee Hall, resident of Amazon Colony, Sahasradhara Road, Raipur and his associate Vikas Kumar, resident of village Bedasa, police station Sikheda district Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh) near Raipur.
In this car of accused Sachin, 24 boxes were found packing Indocap and Indocap-SR medicines of Jagsanpal Company, which contained 7200 capsules. It has come to light that the accused were selling fake capsules of these medicines on a large scale.
These medicines are used to reduce pain and swelling. The accused told the police that they manufacture fake medicines in a factory in Makdumpur, Jhabreda, Haridwar, while the fake medicines and related materials are kept in a flat in Godavari in Roorkee. This flat belongs to Sachin Sharma. The factory and warehouse have been sealed.

In 10 months he became the owner of Range Rover and many bighas of land.
According to the police, the accused earned crores of rupees from the black drug trade in the last 10 months. With this amount, Sachin has bought a Range Rover car, several bighas of land and flats. Vikas has also made a huge amount of wealth by buying expensive cars.