In case of urinary bladder burst, the telescopic method has found a useful method of operation at the appropriate time.


The Trauma Medical Department of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Rishikesh has found a useful method of operation using binocular method at the right time in case of urinary bladder (urine sac) burst. This achievement of AIIMS Rishikesh physicians has been published by the International Medical Journal Trauma as ‘Fast Reversal Sign’ and has confirmed its usefulness and innovation.

Trainee doctor of the General Surgery Department, Dr. Jane Chinat, said that most of the pressure on the abdomen caused by the injury to the abdomen and the fracture of the hip caused the urine to burst. The secretion of urine in the stomach of such patients can be detected by ultrasound. During the treatment of such a patient, the blood or urine that is detected by ultrasound is removed from the body by the tube of urine inserted during the treatment. Due to which, after some time again no blood or urine is found in the ultrasound. He said that with the development of this sign, patients can be saved from incision surgery by using the proper telescope operation in the case of urinary bladder (urine sac). Dr. Jane said that the fast reversal sign is highly suitable in case of urination. AIIMS Director Padmashree Professor Ravi Kant congratulated the medical team for this important achievement.

The investigation is completed within three minutes in trauma:
Head of Department of Trauma Surgery Prof. Mohammad Qamar Azam said that within three minutes of the patient arriving at AIIMS Level-One Trauma Center, an interim examination of the patient’s air-way, breathing, circulation and headgear is completed under ATLS, a world-class protocol. A thorough assessment of chest and abdominal injuries is done by ultrasound of the patient at the same place. Because of this practice, patients get the benefit of fast reversal sign.

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