Unlock 5.0 Guideline will be released tomorrow.

Unlock 5.0 Central Government has released the guideline of Unlock Five. In this episode, cinema and multiplexes will also be opened in the state after October 15. With the permission of the government, more than 100 persons can also participate in marriage and other ceremonies. After studying this guideline, the state government will release the state guidelines on Thursday after the consent of other departments. Right there

So far cinemas, multiplexes and theaters etc. are closed in the state. Now the center has given permission to open them. The state government has already provided several exemptions in the order of the guidelines of the Center. In such a situation, it is believed that it will be approved to open here with 50 percent capacity. Along with this, trade exhibition and swimming pool will also be opened. The social, institutional, sports, entertainment, cultural, religious and political events will now be relaxed on the standard of attendance of 100 people. The state government will take a decision on how much this will happen. Secretary Disaster Management SA Murugation said that opinions from various departments are to be sought in this. In such a situation, after taking the opinion of all the departments, the SOP will be issued on Thursday.

Schools and colleges will not open from October 1:
Schools and colleges will not open in the state from October 1, ie Thursday. However, the state government will form SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) at its own level regarding opening of schools. Education Minister Arvind Pandey has called a meeting of the department in the secretariat on Thursday in this regard. The Union Home Ministry has issued a guideline regarding unlock-five. The center has given permission to open schools, colleges and coaching institutes. Due to the release of this guideline night, arrangements will remain in the state till Thursday.

The state government had issued an order to keep the schools and colleges closed till 30 September. According to the instructions of the Center, the state government has to take its own decision in this regard. Education Minister Arvind Pandey said that the decision will be taken only after discussions with all the parties regarding opening of schools in the state. There will be a meeting with officials of the Department of Education at the Secretariat on Thursday at 12 noon. All aspects will be considered in the meeting. He indicated that a final decision in this regard could be taken in the cabinet meeting. Education Secretary R Meenakshi Sundaram said that the decision to open the schools will be taken as per the guidelines issued by the Disaster Management Department.

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