Unlock-4 Corona infection cases in Uttarakhand are increasing day by day.

Dehradun-Unlock-4 In Uttarakhand, cases of corona infection are increasing day by day. Especially after the launch of Unlock-4 from September 1, Corona has gained momentum in the state. Now not only is the number of infected increasing, but the infection rate is also increasing. The situation is still somewhat alright in the mountain districts, but the prevalence of corona in the four districts has increased manifold. Among them, the most frightening situation is that of Dehradun district.
The Center has asked states to strengthen prohibitory measures and increase investigations to bring the infection rate below five percent. But in Uttarakhand, the infection rate has increased rapidly in the recent past. As the scope of investigation is increasing, the number of positive cases is also increasing continuously. At the same time corona infection rate has also increased. Currently, the infection rate is 6.23 percent, the highest ever. The thing to note here is that this is an average infection rate of six months. If you analyze the situation for the last 12 days, then the situation looks frightening. Between September 1 and September 12, a total of 119540 samples have been investigated in the state, out of which 10509 reports have been positive. Accordingly, the positivity rate is around 9 percent. That is, 9 people positive in every 100 samples.


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