Umesh Kumar has a big shock to the Supreme Court. petition Transfer canceled

Umesh Kumar

News coming from the Delhi Supreme court of the country has canceled a petition by Umesh Kumar in its decision. In fact, Umesh Kumar, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of Samachar Plus has been surrounded by several cases by the Uttarakhand government, the most important being 100/2018 PS Rajpur Dehradun.
In which Umesh Kumar was accused by his own editor of blackmailing and conspiracy to topple the government, although in this case, Umesh Kumar was arrested and later got bail from Uttarakhand High Court, after which a long queue of lawyers named by Umesh Kumar stood.

The tax was taken in all the cases of Uttarakhand. The lawyers of Umesh Kumar first tried their best in the Nainital High Court to dismiss the case filed against them. There was a lot of effort where the eminent advocate like KTS Tulsi stood for the defense of Umesh Kumar but after not getting relief in the High Court, Umesh Kumar approached the Supreme Court where he got great relief from the Supreme Court and was prosecuted in all his cases.
Stay granted The Supreme Court, in its order, said that till the hearing of the transportation is not done, no action of any kind will be taken against Umesh Kumar on behalf of the Government of Uttarakhand and any matter related to any suit.
But the Uttarakhand government started the exercise of dismissing the case with its government advocates in the Supreme Court, in the same case, in the same case, Mr. Arvind Shukla, the lawyer of Complaint Pandit Ayush, said that very cleverly, the accused party transferred the transfer petition to the Supreme Court. After filing the notice, only those people who were accused were the co-accused, while his client and the case’s witness Pandit Ayush did not get a chance to say anything in the court.
Seeing the seriousness of the case, Mr. Arvind Shukla, a lawyer for the plaintiff, also filed an intervention notice and requested the court that the plaintiff should also be allowed to present his case in the case which was accepted by the court in almost 4-5 hearings from both the lawyers.
Junk Debate from Uttarakhand state S. Rawat, Kuldeep Parihar and other advocates continued to fight and Kapil Sibal argued on behalf of Umesh Kumar and the accused side. However, the lawyers on behalf of the state and the plaintiff told the court that despite having more than 27 cases, Umesh Kumar went to jail in only one case, in addition to the arrest of rape recovery and many other sections, he was arrested even once. In this case, Umesh Kumar’s influence can be understood well in Noida NCR.
The lawyers also told that a final report was filed on the rape charges against Umesh Kumar and the girl who was prosecuted was the one who was in connivance with the police. After being sent to jail, the possibility of pressurizing all the witnesses and other people involved in the case can be fully investigated, so the trial should be held in Uttarakhand and not in Delhi NCR.
In Uttarakhand government has withdrawn many cases filed against Umesh Kumar, in such a situation, it would be completely wrong to say that fair trials will not be held in Uttarakhand. The arguments made by the lawyers from the prosecution side were accepted by the accused Kapil Sibal and the court of the accused and now the decision against Umesh Kumar seems to increase their difficulties.

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