Trivendra Singh said that it is our first responsibility to conserve the Himalayas…

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said in his message issued on the occasion of Himalayan Day that the Himalayas affect not only India but the large population of the world. It is both our future and heritage, only if the Himalayas are safe, the Sadanira rivers originating from it will also be safe, the water and climate of these holy rivers of Himalayas unite the whole country.
The Chief Minister said that the Himalayas are intimately connected with the concerns of our lives, so it is our first responsibility to preserve the Himalayas. For the conservation of the Himalayas, the rich cultural heritage of the region, the protection of rivers and forests is also necessary, hence water conservation, promotion and extensive plantation is the priority of the state government. Not only this, we also campaigned at the national level to conserve the Himalayas, the Himalayan Conclave held in Mussoorie in the past is a proof of this, in it almost all the Himalayan states passed the Mussoorie Resolution for the protection and promotion of the Himalayas and also resolved to save the Himalayas. Gone.
The Chief Minister said that effective initiatives are needed to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Himalayas, conservation of nature biodiversity, glaciers, rivers, lakes. We have to look at the Himalayas in its broader perspective, through various action plans in this direction, the state government has been organizing programs like seminars and public awareness at many levels. Nevertheless, all intellectuals, subject matter experts, nature lovers, scholars studying the totality of the Himalayas on this comprehensive subject will have to come together on one platform and come forward in this direction with seriousness, for this the state government is ready for every possible cooperation. is.
He said that environmental protection is in our nature, a festival like Harela reflects the far-reaching thinking of our ancestors to connect with nature. The Chipko movement to save forests has also been driven by the inspiration of nature. Describing the need for integrated thinking on the issues related to water, forest land along with changes in the environment, global warming, the Chief Minister said that, with social consciousness and concerted collective efforts, we can become partners in solving this problem. Efforts are being made to clean the Ganga, Yamuna and their tributaries along with efforts to revive rivers like Rispana, Kosi. The clean environment of the rivers will also be helpful in saving the Himalayan environment.
Chief Minister Trivendra said that the State Government has always been determined to protect the environment of the Himalayas, in this regard, attention has been paid to the preparation of action plans on studies, etc. done from time to time. The celebration of Himalayan Day every year reflects efforts to reflect on this subject with seriousness.

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