Cabinet decision: Petrol-diesel prices rise in Uttarakhand, alcohol also becomes expensive….

The Uttarakhand government has increased the price of petrol by one rupee and diesel by two rupees from Thursday. Health care tax has been imposed in various brands of liquor from twenty rupees to five hundred rupees. This decision has been taken to make up for the loss caused to the state by lockdown due to Kovid-19.

A cabinet meeting was held on Thursday evening under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat. Government spokesman and cabinet minister Madan Kaushik said that the state government has increased the prices of alcohol, petrol and diesel in view of the revenue loss due to Corona.

A health care tax is imposed per bottle of alcohol. Prices have been increased in all three categories of liquor. The tax to be earned from the new rate will be spent in various schemes of the state and prevention of Kovid-19. It is estimated that an additional revenue of 250 crores will come from the health care tax. The increased prices will remain effective in this financial year. The state government has taken care that the prices of liquor should be less than Uttar Pradesh. VAT on petrol and diesel has been marginally increased. With this increase, the state will collect an additional revenue of Rs 120 crore.

Increase in the price of liquor.
Foreign liquor made in India – Rs. 20 to 200 per bottle
. Imported wine from abroad – Rs. 475 per bottle of
country liquor – Rs. 20 per bottle.

– New rate of
diesel. New Rate – 64.17



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