The absence of ministers in the Assembly continues despite orders from Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat.


Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat is not following his orders. The Chief Minister had ordered the ministers to sit in the Vidhan Sabha offices on Wednesday and Thursday, two days a week. Alam is that barely two or three ministers are registering their presence in the assembly. 

On Thursday, the situation was that there was silence in the assembly till 1.30 pm. Not a single minister reached the assembly. People had come from far off places for their work, but the doors of the ministers’ offices were closed. Chief Minister Trivendra, Cooperation Minister Dhan Singh and Education Minister Arvind Pandey had gone to attend a program. None of the remaining ministers were present.

However, cabinet ministers Madan Kaushik and Dhan Singh Rawat reached the assembly later in the afternoon. Cabinet ministers Madan Kaushik, Minister of State Rekha Arya and Dhan Singh Rawat were also sitting on Wednesday. But Harak Singh Rawat, Yashpal Arya, Satpal Maharaj and Subodh Uniyal were not present on both days. Some of these ministers have not even sat in the assembly even once after the orders of the Chief Minister.

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