Major tribes of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand mainly houses the Jaunsari, Tharu, Bhotia, Boksa and Raji tribes, which have been kept under the Scheduled Tribes since 1967.

The most populous tribe in Uttarakhand is Tharu and the least populous tribe.

Uttarakhand has the highest number of Scheduled Tribes residing in Udham Singh Nagar and the lowest in Rudraprayag and the highest percentage of Scheduled Tribes are in Udham Singh Nagar and the lowest percentage is in Tehri.

Of the 70 assembly seats in the state, two seats are reserved for Nanakmatta and Chakrata Scheduled Tribes.


o Tharu people reside mainly in Udham Singh Nagar district.This is the largest tribal group in Uttarakhand, Tharuo is considered to be of Kirat dynasty.

o The revenge marriage system and three-tier marriage practice are prevalent among the Tharu tribesmen, in Tharuo, the marriage is decided on both sides.

o Lathbharwa Bhoj belongs to Tharu tribe

o A festival called Bajhar is celebrated by Tharuo. They celebrate Deepawali as a mourning festival, Khichdi dance is performed by the Tharu tribe on the occasion of Holi.


o People of Jaunsari tribe live in Chakrata, Tuni, Kalsi, Lakhmandal area of ​​Dehradun, Parag Nekan area of ​​Uttarkashi and Jaunpur area of ​​Tehri.

o Jaunsari is the second major tribal group of the state

o Chakrata, Kalsi and Tuni of Dehradun are jointly called Jaunsar Bawar region.The main language of this region is Jaunsari.

o Hanoul is the main pilgrimage center of Jaunsari community.

o The main festivals of Jaunsari community are Bisu (Baisakhi), Panchai (Dussehra), Diai (Diwali), Nunai, Athoi etc. They celebrate Diwali after one month.

o Their main dances are Harul, Rason, Ghumsu, Jhela, Dhei, Tandi, Maroj, Paunai etc.

o Gram Panchayat in Jaunsar is called Khumri.


o The people of Bhotia tribe in Uttarakhand reside mainly in Pithoragarh, Chamoli, Uttarkashi and Almora districts. Marcha, Tolchha, Johari, Shauka, Damaria, Chaundasi, Vyasi, Jad, Jethra, and Chhapra are the main sub-castes.

o Bhotia is the most populous tribe in the Maha Himalayas.

o Pauna dance is performed by Bhotia people on the occasion of marriage

o Tubera, Bajyu, Timli etc. are the main folk songs of Bhotia people


o Boksa tribes reside in Uttarakhand at places like Bajpur, Gadarpur and Udipur Singh Nagar, Ramnagar in Kashipur, Nainital etc.

o Their major festivals are Chaiti, Naubi, Holi, Deepawali.


o Raji tribe lives in Dharchula, Didihat development blocks of Pithoragarh.

o The people of Raji tribe are also known as Banraut, Banravat, Jungle kings etc.

o Raji is the least populous tribe of Uttarakhand

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