The Transport Department has released a new series of VVIP numbers.

If you have purchased a new car on Dhanteras and Deepawali and you need a VVIP number, then you have to pay more than one lakh rupees.  For numbers like 0001 and 0786, one has to participate in the auction after submitting a draft of Rs 1 lakh. Numbers will be issued only when the maximum bid is made.

ARTO (Administration) Dwarka Prasad said that different rates have been fixed for certain numbers. According to ARTO administration Dwarka Prasad, vehicle owners will have to pay a fee of Rs 2,000 for important numbers, while vehicle owners will have to pay a fee of Rs 5000 for getting an attractive number. While for a very important number, ten thousand rupees have to be deposited. But if one wants the number 0001 and 0786, then a demand draft of only one lakh rupees has to be submitted in the name of the Transport Commissioner. Also have to participate in the auction.

These numbers will be auctioned:
0001 to 0009, 0011, 0022, 0033, 0044, 0055,0066, 0077,0088, 0099, 0101,0100, 0777, 0786, 0999, 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555, 6666, 7000, 7070, 7272 , 7777, 7979, 8888, 9000,9191, 9999

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