Uttarakhand: Trains can now travel through the Rajaji Tiger Reserve area at a speed of 100 km.

Trains between Haridwar to Dehradun and Raiwala to Rishikesh will now be seen running at a speed of 100 km per hour. The Safety Commissioner of Northern Railway has allowed trains to operate at a speed of 100 kmph between Haridwar-Dehradun and Raiwala-Rishikesh. Earlier, the maximum speed of trains on both these railways was set at 50 km per hour. On the other hand, the Rajaji Tiger Reserve administration has raised questions on this decision of Railway Management.

The maximum speed of trains between Haridwar-Dehradun and Raiwala-Rishikesh was fixed at 50 km per hour from the railway side. Due to the extremely low speed of trains, it takes passengers one and a half hours to reach Dehradun from Haridwar. Now the railways have decided that the maximum speed of trains between this stretch will be 100 kilometers per hour.

On this decision of the railway, DK Singh, director of Rajaji Tiger Reserve, said that in the past it was decided that the maximum speed of trains in the Tiger Reserve area would be 35 km per hour. It is a violation of the decisions made in the past. If the trains speed up to 100 kmph, then the risk of wildlife like elephants, tigers, leopards, deer getting hit by the train will increase further. In this regard, writing is being done with top officials of Railways.

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