Learn why Tomatoes are a boon for health

The people of Europe used to plant tomato trees in their gardens only for decoration, but when people gradually started using it in food, then it was considered a boon in terms of health and beauty.

In the fifteenth century, on the island of Rollco, America, people first saw red-red tomatoes and considered it a poisonous fruit. It was used as a food much later. The people of Europe used to plant tomato trees in their gardens only for decoration, but when people gradually started using it in food, then it was considered a boon in terms of health and beauty. Today, we cannot even imagine cooking without tomatoes. Without tomato catchup, sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, noodles are all dull.

The old botanical name of tomato was Lycoporsican esculentum. Current science calls it Solanum lyco porcican. It is a vegetable of brinjal species. The people of Mexico used to call tomatoes as ‘Love Apple’. When the people of Mexico brought the tomato plant to India for the first time, the Indians called it ‘wilted eggplant’. Gradually tomatoes became the king of Indian kitchen. Today, tomato is the most commonly used vegetable in the world. Today tomatoes are used all over the world in salads, soups, vegetables, pickles, chutneys, catch-ups.


Tomatoes are rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. Surprisingly, tomato taste is acidic (sour), but it gives rise to alkaline (saline) reactions in the body. The reason for its sour taste is that it contains citric acid and malic acid, due to which it acts as an antacid. In case of acidity, increasing the dose of tomatoes, this complaint is removed.

Vitamin ‘A’ is also found in plenty in tomatoes, which is very beneficial for the eyes. Tomato is sour-sweet, digestive and power-enhancing, as well as effective in preventing diarrhea, abdominal diseases and obesity. Eating this increases digestive power and eliminates gas complaints. Tomatoes are so nutritious that only two tomatoes are considered equal to a complete meal in the morning breakfast. It removes minor disorders of the entire body. Regular intake of tomatoes keeps the airways clean. Doctors believe that eating tomatoes clears cough and mucus. Consuming this drug increases immunity. The amount of iron content in this is double than milk and more than fruits like grapes, seasonal, watermelon, melon etc.

Tomato contains calcium, lime, sulfur, citric acid etc. While tomato is a mine of vitamins, it is also the king of taste that helps to increase appetite. Consumption of tomato relieves constipation, relieves blood disorders and provides relief in diseases like beri-beri, arthritis, drought, eczema. But the consumption of tomatoes in excess is harmful. Due to its excessive intake, stones, joint pain, headache, back pain and leucorrhoea occur. Consuming regular tomatoes in balanced amounts is healthy.

Tomato is beneficial in cancer

Eating tomatoes reduces the risk of cancer. A team of scientists led by an Indian-origin researcher by the University of Pottsmouth, London, have claimed that ripe tomatoes contain a nutritional content that not only inhibits, but also eliminates, the growth of prostate cancer cells. Does. In this research, scientists investigated the effects of lycopene elements found in tomatoes. The study concluded that lycopene, which gives tomato red color, prevents cancer cells from spreading and other healthy cells from deteriorating. Research has proved that if you eat tomatoes 10 times a week, the risk of getting cancer decreases by 45 percent. Not only this, taking tomatoes as a salad reduces the risk of stomach cancer by 60 percent.

Diet experts say red tomatoes are more beneficial than green tomatoes because lycopene becomes more powerful after frying. Research has also revealed that despite frying tomatoes in oil, their nutrients do not disappear. Apart from lycopene, tomatoes also contain potassium, vitamin B6 and folate, which are very important for heart health. Not only this, tomatoes also contain two anti-aging compounds – icopine and beta carotene.

Now whenever you go to buy tomatoes, choose red tomatoes. They contain high amounts of beta carotene and icopin. By the way, even if you are thinking about losing weight, red tomatoes are beneficial for you. It contains more fiber and less calories, which helps in weight loss. Beta carotene present in it is helpful in reducing body fat. Vitamin-A present in it works to keep your skin, hair, bones and teeth healthy.

The potion is tomato

Tomato is not just a vegetable, but it is a complete medicine in itself. Eating tomatoes cures many types of diseases –

– If children have a dry disease, taking half a glass of tomato juice daily is beneficial.

– Regular intake of two to three ripe tomatoes leads to rapid development of children.

– In arthritis, prepare a glass of dry ginger with tomato juice and mix one teaspoon of thyme powder in it and drink it twice a day.

– Consuming a glass of tomato juice in the morning is beneficial for pregnant women.

– Tomato is also very useful in diabetes and heart diseases.

– Use of tomato keeps cancer away.

– Regular intake of tomatoes keeps the stomach clean.

– Tomato intake is very beneficial when there is phlegm.

– If there are insects in the stomach, then after applying black pepper mixed in tomato on empty stomach in the morning, the insects die after eating.

Before meals, cut two or three ripe tomatoes and mix ground black pepper, rock salt and green coriander and eat it. This brings redness on the face and increases the masculine power.

– Mix raw milk and lemon juice in tomato pulp and apply on the face, it gives glow to the face.

– Consumption of tomato can cure diabetes, eyes and bladder diseases, chronic constipation and skin diseases.

– Its intake increases disease resistance.

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