Tified Fever

First of all friends, let me tell you what other names are there for the term fever! Periodic fever is called typhoid fever in English! If you want to know the A to Z of this fever through the words Typhoid Fever, then you can read this article till the end!

What is a period fever?

This disease is caused by infection with bacteria! This bacteria enters our body through contaminated liquid food! By consuming dirty water or juice etc. this bacteria easily enters our body!

By contaminated food it reaches the blood from our small intestines! It starts with a mild fever!

Who is typhoid?

Typhoid is a bacterial infection! The name of this bacterium is Salmonella taffy! This bacteria occurs in contaminated liquid food! Eating contaminated water or food enters our body!

This disease is seen more in those who consume dirty water or prefer to eat outside food!

What are the symptoms of typhoid?

After this bacterial infection, loss of appetite, body pain, mild fever in the beginning are common symptoms!

Later symptoms include headache, high fever, chills, diarrhea, weakness and vomiting.

After fever medicine, this fever is reduced or reduced for two-three days. But after two-three days, a fast fever comes again! This is a fever that does not end soon! Until it is treated properly!

How is typhoid fever detected?

Wide test is done to confirm the typhoid fever confirmation! This test also tells which antibiotic is right for you!

What is the treatment of typhoid?

The most important treatment for typhoid is its antibiotic and another fever reducing medicine! Get antibiotic selection done by a doctor for typhoid fever!

If antibiotic resistance occurs, this disease can be dangerous! Precautions should be taken in antibiotic selection!

What to do if you are not typhoid?

You want a dangerous infection like typhoid, don’t you? First of all, keep it clean in food and drink! Drink clean water or if not available, then water should be heated and drunk.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables! It is considered good to use garlic! Eat long and bananas!

How to take care of typhoid fever patients?

Typhoid patients are advised to rest! If there is high fever, do not put any more cloth on it!

In case of high fever, soak the cloth in water and put a bandage over its head. Be careful not to use ice! If you are able to give a balanced diet, then give coconut water! Keep monitoring his fever and note him if possible!

How many days does a fever get cured?

If the diagnosis of this fever occurs in the beginning, then by taking antibiotic for 1 to 2 weeks it is cured! If the diagnosis of this disease is due to late, then antibiotic tablets or injections have to be taken for 3 to 4 weeks.

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