Now those who do not wear masks and spit everywhere will be fined as well as punished….

In Dehradun, the state can now be sentenced to six months in jail or five years for not wearing masks, spitting around and not following other rules made to prevent corona.
The Epidemic Diseases Amendment Bill 2020 was passed in the House on Wednesday. It clarifies that whoever violates any of the provisions of this Act or the regulation or order made thereunder, may be imprisoned for six months or with a fine of five thousand rupees or both. It also said that the maximum amount of this fine will not be more than what has already been arranged. If someone fines then no further action will be taken against him. Significantly, the government implemented the epidemic disease amendment ordinance some time ago. In this, a penalty of two hundred rupees to one thousand rupees has been provided for not wearing masks. At the same time, the same penalty has been imposed for spitting in public place. Apart from this, penalty and punishment have also been provisioned for those who violate the physical distance law and beat up health workers. The ordinance was introduced by the House on Wednesday in the form of a bill, which was passed by the House. Now, after getting permission from the Raj Bhavan, it will take the form of an act.

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