These Solutions can save you from misuse of Aadhaar, Know More

Ever since the tenure of Prime Minister Modi started, you can do any work through the Aadhaar card. Aadhaar cards contain every type of information of a person, from fingerprints. Now in such a situation some extreme people also misuse this card. Because in today’s time, Aadhar card is required in every government work. Even taking SIM, opening account in bank etc., all these also use Aadhaar card. After verification of Aadhaar card, money can be transferred from one account to another. In such a situation, some fiery people send an attractive message directly to the public’s phone and take a picture of their Adhar card and then carry out such activities. There have been many such incidents in the last few years. In these incidents, money disappeared from some person’s account and if something happened to someone, something happened to someone. Now we tell you a solution to avoid all this.

Actually, in the coming time, data is going to prove to be the biggest asset, and in Aadhaar, full data of common man is available. In view of these features, UIDAI has introduced the feature of locking and unlocking the Aadhaar number. By using this feature, you can get rid of this problem and any possibility of misuse of Aadhaar number. The Unique Identification Authority of India has put in place a very simple process to lock and unlock Aadhaar. You can start or stop this feature online or by messaging with your registered mobile number. Let us explain your verification process stepwise through the message: –

Receive OTP by sending SMS on 1947 from your registered mobile number under a fixed format. Go to the right message box of your mobile number and type the last four digits of the GETOTP Aadhaar number. For example, if your Aadhaar number is 4056 6530 2035 then you have to send the message by writing GETOTP 2035 to the number 1947. In response to this message, UIDAI will send you an OTP message. The OTP will be of six digits. After this, you will have to send a message in the format of the last four digits of the LOCKUID Aadhaar number to the six-digit OTP number. After this UIDAI will lock your Aadhaar number. After this you will get the confirmation associated with the Aadhaar number being locked.

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