The Uttarakhand Transport Corporation has started operating the Valvo buses, but the passengers are not being found.

The Volvo service of Dehradun-Chandigarh had to be canceled due to not a single passenger coming in for the last two days. At the same time, passengers on the Dehradun-New Delhi route are extremely less. Only 49 passengers booked tickets in New Delhi’s four Valvo buses on Friday.

Assistant General Manager RL Panuli said that no passengers were found for Dehradun-Chandigarh for the last two days. In such a situation, the bus had to be canceled. Eight Valvo buses are operating for New Delhi. Not enough number of passengers are also getting available for these buses.

According to Assistant General Manager Panuli, four buses were operated for Dehradun New Delhi on Friday. Only 49 passengers traveled in these. Two buses had to leave with only ten passengers. Assistant General Manager Panuli expects the number of passengers to increase during Diwali. At present, air-conditioned Volvo buses are being operated at a huge loss.

Online reservation facility from today:
General Manager Deepak Jain said that now passengers can also make online reservation for Volvo buses. The management has started the online reservation facility afresh. Explain that due to the lockdown, where the operation of all the buses was stopped, the online system of reservation was also abolished.

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