Ruckus in the recruitment of the assembly, the list of close people of the honorable who got the appointment goes viral

While there is an uproar in the politics of Uttarakhand regarding the assembly recruitment episode, it is also in the center of constant discussion in the internet media. In this episode, the list of employees is going viral.
On Tuesday, such a list went viral, in which it has been mentioned that since the interim assembly till now, the personnel who have been appointed in the assembly are close and relatives of the honorable.
Since the issue of 72 appointments made during the tenure of the fourth assembly, the list is being made viral in the internet media every day in relation to the personnel appointed in the assembly and their honorable ones. Recently, along with the list giving details of the appointments made during the tenure of the third and fourth assembly, the applications for the appointment went viral.
A similar list went viral on Tuesday as well. It has been told that from the year 2000 till now, what is the relation with which honorable all the personnel who have been appointed in the Vidhan Sabha. Most of them are said to be close to them, while some are relatives.
However, several dignitaries raised strong objections in the internet media to this alleged list. Along with this, he has also said that he has no relation with the names involved in it.
After the formation of the state, appointments have been made in the tenure of every assembly.
After the disturbances in the recruitment examinations of the Uttarakhand State Subordinate Services Selection Commission, now the episode of recruitment in the Vidhan Sabha has caught fire these days. Both the political parties BJP and Congress, which have been in power in the state till now, are using this issue in their own way.
The reality is that since the formation of Uttarakhand, appointments have been made in the assembly during the tenure of each assembly. At present, the number of personnel of all cadres in the Vidhan Sabha has reached 425. The Congress took an aggressive stand regarding the appointments made in the fourth assembly, while the BJP is also in an aggressive posture.
The subject of alleged irregularities in the appointments in the assembly came into the limelight when the list of 72 appointments for the fourth term of the assembly went viral on the internet media recently.
It was said that these appointments were given to the loved ones from the back door. The Congress immediately caught the issue and it did not take long to surround the state government. It also arose that the rules for appointment were bypassed.
Not only this, the results of the posts for which the assembly had conducted the examination earlier, have not yet come out. Despite this, recruitments were made. However, the then Speaker of the Assembly and presently Cabinet Minister in the Dhami government, Prem Chand Agarwal, clarified that the recruitments are ad hoc and have been done as per rules.
The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly has the right to make appointments as required. He also said that the matter of the posts for which the examination was held is under consideration in the High Court.
Meanwhile, in response to this attack by the Congress, the matter of 158 appointments made during the tenure of the third assembly was raised from the BJP camp. It was said that then a large number of appointments were given to relatives and friends of Congress leaders. It is clear that this episode has been politicized and both the parties are using it by giving their own reasoning. Both have drawn swords against each other.
Here is the arrangement:
According to experts, it has been provided in the Constitution that the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly will be the appointing authority for the appointments to be made in the Legislative Assembly.
Until the rules for the appointment in the Legislative Assembly are prepared, the appointments can be made with the approval of the Governor.
After the rules are made, appointments will be made accordingly, but the appointing authority will remain the Speaker of the Assembly.
Since the formation of the state, appointments have been made in every term till the fourth assembly.
Existing Service Manual:
The Service Manual of Personnel in the Vidhan Sabha came into existence in the year 2011.
Some amendments were made to it in the year 2015-16.
There is a provision for direct recruitment and ad-hoc appointment in the manual.
It states that on the creation of the post, the examination will be conducted for the posts of direct recruitment.
Apart from this, ad-hoc appointments can be made if there is an urgent need.
If the service of an ad-hoc employee is continuous for more than six months, he is regulated.
Now eyes are on the Speaker of the Assembly:
Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has made it clear that he will request the Speaker to investigate the matter of irregularities in the appointments made in the assembly during whichever period. For this, the kind of cooperation the assembly would expect, it would be given.
In such a situation, now the eyes are fixed on Speaker Ritu Khanduri Bhushan, what decision she takes in this matter. The Speaker of the Assembly has returned to Delhi from Canada a day earlier. They are likely to reach Dehradun in a day or two.

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