In the capital Dehradun and the surrounding areas, the fierce cold on Wednesday night freed the shiver.

For the first time in the season, nighttime temperatures reached below six degrees, leading to increased cold. The Meteorological Department has predicted cold weather tonight.

There was good sunshine in the capital region throughout the day on Wednesday. The maximum temperature reached 21.9 degrees during the day. However, in the evening, strong cold winds started blowing and a sharp drop in temperature was recorded. By nightfall, the cold increased considerably. During this time, fog was also seen in many areas. The minimum temperature at night was 5.6 degrees.

Wednesday was the coldest night of the season, according to data from the weather center. However, the Center has predicted a further rise in the cold today. Today the minimum temperature is expected to be around four degrees. This may increase the cold at night.

Weather center director Bikram Singh told that similar weather will be there for the next few days. There is a possibility of continuous increase in cold. He said that day temperature is also expected to decrease. During the next few days there will be fog in the plains and frost in the mountains.

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