In the festive season, the security of the city will be done from the sky also, with the help of drones.

In the festive season in Roorkee, this time the city will be protected from the sky as well as through the drones. This time, due to Corona, the police is doing this experiment for the first time to keep an eye on the drone in view of the crowd in the market. The drone will keep an eye on the market congestion. This will provide protection to shopkeepers and customers in the market.

The festive season is about to begin between the Corona period. Overcoming and protecting crowds in markets on the festive season will be a major challenge for the police. To overcome these challenges, the police is preparing a large-scale plan for security so that people in the Corona period can be given better protection.
For the first time, the police is going to conduct a new experiment in the Corona era regarding the security of markets. Actually, this time the police will monitor the land as well as markets through drones. It is believed that this use of police will prove to be effective in terms of security.
For this, police officials have sought feedback from Ganganhar Kotwali and Civil Lines Kotwali in-charge regarding surveillance from drones. After receiving the feedback, police officers will give green signal to monitor the market with a drone.

The suspects can also be kept an eye:
Police will be able to keep an eye on the suspects from the sky through a drone. Especially in the crowded market there are incidents like chain snatching, purse, mobile and bike theft. In such a situation, an effort will be made by the police to check them through drones.

Action will be taken on illegal parking:
Illegal parking in markets on festive season creates a jam situation. Opening the jam becomes a big challenge for the police. In such a situation, drones will be monitored through illegal parking. Police will take action against the vehicles on illegal parking from drones.

The markets will be crowded on festivals. In the Corona era, the police have the responsibility of both health and safety of the people this time. In terms of security, this time a plan to monitor the markets with drones is being considered. Feedback has been sought for this.
– SK Singh, SP Countryside

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