Technical colleges affiliated to Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU) will be opened for practical classes.

The university has taken this decision in the interest of students due to the practical impact of technical courses. However, currently only the third and fourth year students will be called on rotation basis.

Guidelines have been given to colleges affiliated to the university on behalf of UTU. The university has left it to the colleges to decide the date for starting the class, but also clarified that the guidelines of Kovid-19 should be strictly followed.

Colleges have been asked to give priority to final year students so that their practicals can be completed on time. After this, according to the situation, the university will decide to start the practical class of second and first year students in a phased manner. At the same time, there is no plan to call compartment students for college at the moment.

Decision not taken on university’s suggestion:
The government was suggested by UTU to open a technical college from 18 November. Colleges had also completed preparations at their level, but the government has currently postponed the decision to open higher educational institutions due to the impact of the Corona transition. This has also disappointed the students. However, now final year students have got relief from this decision of the university.

The government was suggested to open a technical college from November 18, but it could not be decided. Practicals are most important for technical course students. Practical in online class is not possible. In such a situation, there is a big loss of students. In view of this, colleges affiliated to the university will be opened for practical classes of fourth and third year students. Students will be called in a limited number on a rotation basis.
– Pro. NS Chaudhary, Vice Chancellor, UTU

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