Talking less, work more and development for everyone is our motto, Chief Minister.

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami attended the Panchayat Uttarakhand program organized at the local hotel located at ISBT late in the evening on Tuesday. In the discussion organized on this occasion, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami freely expressed his views on the issues related to the efforts being made by the state government for the development of the state and implementation of schemes related to public interest.

The Chief Minister said that in the last five years, schemes worth one lakh crore rupees have been approved by the Central Government and also by the State Government for the development of the state. Fast work has been done on these plans, which are now visible on the ground. He said that these schemes should be fully visible on the ground and they are constantly striving for the benefit of the people. He said that during his tenure in the last five months, he has dedicated day and night for the service of the people. Every day he is visiting about two districts, implementing schemes and resolving public problems.
The Chief Minister said that health facilities are being developed rapidly in the state. Development of infrastructure facilities, availability of doctors etc. has been ensured. 500 crore has been spent by providing treatment facilities to 4 lakh people under Atal Ayushman Uttarakhand Yojana.
He said that our agenda is not elections but overall development of the state. We get energy from criticism, we get inspiration to solve problems. He said that the people of our state are nationalist, hardworking and self-respecting. They don’t fall for the temptation of freebies. The Chief Minister said that Gairsain is a subject related to our feelings. We are committed for the overall development here. That’s why it has been made the summer capital.
The Chief Minister said that we respect all religions, but we are also paying attention to ensure that the law and order, peace, security, spiritual nature and environment of the state are not harmed. We are working on the principle of justice not appeasement.
The Chief Minister said that our state is affected by disaster. For this, we have requested the Central Government to set up a Disaster Management Research Center in the state. This will benefit the whole country.
The Chief Minister said that government jobs in the state are in thousands while unemployed youth are in lakhs. The State Government has run various self-employment schemes and loan facilities have been made easy for the youth to become job creators and not takers. Whereas the recruitment process has also been started for 24 thousand government posts.
The Chief Minister said that the Government has started the Bodhisattva Thought Series program to work in coordination between the government and the people in the coming years on all issues like migration, employment, health, education. Through which suggestions are being received from experienced people who have worked in various fields of the government. Based on the suggestions received in this thought chain, we will be able to include the state among the leading states of the country in every field by 2025.
The Chief Minister said that full cooperation is being given by the Central Government for the welfare of farmers and promotion of traditional products of the State. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has launched many schemes to double the income of the farmers and improve their standard of living, this is bringing a revolutionary change in the lives of the farmers. The needs of the state government are being met by giving priority to them by the central government. The Chief Minister said that the State has also been rewarded by the Central Government for the positive efforts made in the field of agriculture.
He said that the concept of tourism, energy as well as agriculture has been included at the core of the formation of the state. We are also working with commitment towards the development of basic facilities like health, education, roads, electricity, water while making serious efforts in these areas. In order to develop national-international level sportsmanship among the youth of the state, provision of proper economic incentives has been made in the sports policy. The process of opening open gyms in every gram panchayat of the state under the scheme “Swasth Yuva Swasth Uttrakhand” has been started.
The Chief Minister, while bowing to CDS General Bipin Rawat, said that we will definitely fulfill the vision of General Bipin Rawat ji for Uttarakhand, and will follow the path shown by him as well as sustainable development of Uttarakhand according to his vision. Will keep working for He said that along with the construction of a road up to the village of former CDS General Vipin Rawat, his village would also be connected by road to Kotdwar. A Jan Milan Kendra will also be set up in his village.
The Chief Minister said that with the guidance of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and with the cooperation of the Central Government, many such works have been done in the state, which could not have been imagined earlier. Modi ji has made the dream of reaching the rail on the mountain come true. Today, the work on Rishikesh-Karnprayag rail project and strategically and geographically important Tanakpur-Bageshwar rail project is progressing rapidly. Similarly, work is also being done on Char Dham All Weather Road, Bharat Mala Project at a fast pace. Char Dham Yatra is the lifeline for Uttarakhand and these projects will facilitate Char Dham Yatra, promote tourism and bring revolutionary changes in our economy. Delhi Dehradun Expressway Dehradun to Delhi

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