Unlock 5.0: Large number of devotees reached to take bath in Holy river ganga.

With the relaxation of the traffic conditions in Uttarakhand, the movement of passengers has started in the state. Although most of the passengers in Haridwar came from their private vehicles, the majority were two-wheelers, but it brought a smile to the business of Dharmanagri businessmen. There was also an uproar in hotels and restaurants.

Since the lockdown, many big events took place in Haridwar, but there was no effect in Dharmanagri’s charm. In the third week of September, there was a good crowd during Pitapaksha’s Amavasya, but these travelers were from western Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana.
Hotels, dharamshalas and ashrams were seen only due to the movement of the day, but now in the first week of October, due to the holiday of Saturday and Sunday with two October Gandhi Jayanti, travelers from other states reached Haridwar. Stayed here and left for further visits. The closed rooms in the hotels were opened and the passengers stayed.

Glory returned to the markets as well:
With the arrival of passengers, the atmosphere of the markets along with the restaurant etc. was seen returning. Business leaders Kailash Keswani, Saresh Gulati, Sanjeev Nayyar, Sunil Talwar, Rajeev Tumbadia etc. said that the relaxation in the rules of Chardham and Dharmanagri of the state will be restored.

Left for Kedarnath and Badrinath:
Booking of travel businessmen of Haridwar was not much, only seven to 10 tours could leave for Chardham. Haridwar Travel Association General Secretary Sumit Shrikunj told that if the passengers come for the Chardham Yatra, then the business of traders will also go on in the market. He told that along with other states, travelers from district Haridwar also left for Chardham Yatra. Most of the passengers have left for Kedarnath and Badrinath.


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