TajMahal will open for tourist from Monday, After 6 Months later

The Taj Mahal will reopened in Agra on Monday morning after a long wait of nearly six months. When the Taj Mahal opens at sunrise in the morning, tourists see the Taj. During this time, everyone appeared excited. Sailani was seen posing for pictures and selfies with Taj.

After six months, many rules to enter the open Taj Mahal have been changed in view of Corona. Safety checks of tourists have also been changed due to corona infection. The CISF tourists at the East and West Gate are conducting security checks in a tactile manner. No tourists are being touched and a security check is being carried out with a metal detector followed by a hand held metal detector. 5-5 tourists are being allowed inside the Taj Mahal to enter the main dome containing the tomb of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz. The dome is entering from the southern gate and tourists are being evacuated from the northern gate on the banks of the Yamuna River.

Tourists will have to follow these rules
Tourists will have to install masks and face covers.
Thermal screening will be done before admission.
Monuments will have separate entry and exit routes.
Group photography will not be allowed at the memorial.
License holder guides, photographers will be able to work.
Entry to the monuments will be available through online e-tickets.
All payments, including parking, by digital payment.
Will not be able to carry food items in the memorial.

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